The Royal Navy (RN) is the United Kingdom's naval warfare ciproprescription.gagh warships were used by the English kings from the early medieval period, the first major maritime engagements were fought in the Hundred Years War against the Kingdom of modern Royal Navy traces its origins to the early 16th century; the oldest of the UK's armed services, it is known as the Senior Service.

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The Royal Navy (RN) is the United Kingdom's naval warfare ciproprescription.gagh warships were used by the English kings from the early medieval period, the first major maritime engagements were fought in the Hundred Years War against the Kingdom of modern Royal Navy traces its origins to the early 16th century; the oldest of the UK's armed services, it is known as the Senior Service.
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Swiftsheridan1 I really love it's protective quality, firm grip for smart movement, the vibram sole: This desert boots also serve civilian purpose as i have been wearing them with my straight jean trousers. So i hereby recommend them for any body loving smart, beautiful and protective above all, light weight boots. Larry Thomas Jacket fits true to size.

McGuire's has the best price on the web! Steven Bugnacki Greatest Motorcycle long trip carry bag ever! Had one years ago and just found this online again. Buy two just because. It is a quality product that may be just a bit heavy for the all day hiker. If weight is not a issue, it would be foolish to go with another product. As far as the team of McGuire, they are top notch.

First I sent a message; it was answered in 15 minutes, then I ordered this system and it was delivered the next day. I will use them again. Tom Used these boots for hunting in Michigan's Upper Penninsula. I usually get cold feet, but with these boots I was able to sit for 5 hours or more without my feet getting cold. I have a black one rn.

It's been one of my favorits for cold weather. Good Quality and great fit. Just like the one I was issued in Joseph Treloar Great hats at an amazing price.

They are nice a warm. They're not soft, but not so rough as to be itchy and I'm really sensitive to that. I did notice that part of the hat seemed to flatten and stay compressed after I slept in one of them on a cold night, but I don't think it's noticeable when the hat is on my head and I haven't noticed it affecting the warmth of the hat.

If these ever wear out, I'll definitely be looking to order more. William White the usna bridge coat is awesome. Buy now with no worries from McGuire.

Just like the one I carried in the Marine Corps. Wesleywest warmest boots you will ever buy if you are outdoors in the cold alot or your feet get wet these are worth the money PJ Very rugged as promised, good value. John S Issue item, genuine, good price. Had to replace my issued Woobie as I lost it to my daughter, then lost the new one, too, because it's got a "cool pattern. Willyrivera Thanks for your outstanoutstanding customer Service. Bill The medium rucksack was in like-new condition, just missing one small strap.

McGuire went above and beyond to take care of the missing strap! It comes with all the hardware you need, even the bolt to terminate the hole for the NVG mount. The military OD chin strap does feel a little more comfortable but I decided to use the one in the kit because it was black. All in all I am very pleased with the product and the shipping was right on schedule.

We do a lot of hammock camping and these sleeping bags keep all of you warm which is a bonus when keeping the kids sleeping well and happy. I am sure I will be purchasing more of these. It has plenty of separators in it for organizing what you need and when you need it.

When loaded, with cooking gear, sleeping bag, shelter tarps, clothes, and two full canteens , this pack carries very well. The shoulder straps are very comfortable in regards to all the weight being packed. For short hikes this pack is ideal, but if you're planning on a 3 day go of it, I'd suggest a little larger pack to provide more meals on the trail.

Lightweight and fit is good, though the hood is a bit larger than expected possible to fit over an ECH. Great jacket and service overall. Keller Nocera-Smith Came in the mail rapidly and does exactly what is intended. Paula Pittington I love these boots!

I had a pair for 10 years before I got pregnant and my foot size changed: I purchased them used and was pleasantly surprised by the like new condition. Also they arrived days before I was expecting them. I have never owned a better boot. My feet stay warm and dry and they are very durable. I may never have to buy another boot again! George Keeler The bags that I ordered were at a great price. It looked as the bags had never been used in the field.

They were very clean. These bags complete my sleep system. Rosemary Mroz My husband was in the Navy in the 60s and loved his navy wool that had worn out years ago. Always tried to replace but none were ever quite right until we got these. He is so happy again and WARM!! Thank you For making this sailor happy. Rich Colter The pant quality seemed excellent. However, I had to return as it was too small. I wear a size 44 and the 2xl was very tight on me. I have the jacket as well and it was oversized as an outer garment should be.

Todd Matz Great product. Very comfortable boot right out of the box. A little short they're 6" but they wear well although I'm only in an office environment and show little sign of wear after over 2 months in country. The laces are a bit thicker than I'm used to, which makes tucking them into the boot a little uncomfortable; this is also why they don't work so great as speed laces top 4 eyelets aren't speed by design.

I would definitely buy another pair with my own money. I wore these when I walked a mile to class in a Boston winter. They are comfortable and dry. They are not practical for any other use than keeping feet dry and warm, however, because they are very space-consuming. They are not that heavy, though. William Dinwiddie Excellent bag, especially at this price.

CAM I ordered two of them, and I couldn't be happier. They were previously issued, but they were in wonderful condition. After a quick run through the wash, they were perfect. Flyer's Kit Bag, G. Material could have been beefier like the old cotton canvas material used in the older model bags.

The nylon manufacture does make it water proof. Something the cotton canvas bags lacked. Generally speaking, overall, it's a decent bag for packing cloths in for a road trip which was my main reason for the purchase. Just like what was available in the Navy in the 60's. So far, the fit seems nice, good price, should be long-wearing. NcGuire ordering process was easy, shipping cost reasonable.

Will definitely be ordering again. Guenduez Bulut For me the one and only. Ehart Absolutely the best piece of kit the military ever devised.

I don't know how they did it, but they managed to make a long lasting blanket that's light weight and keeps you at just the right temperature. Wrap yourself up, wait 2 minutes and you're perfectly warm. Not too hot, not too cold. Does a perfect job from about 50 degrees to 80 degrees. I still sleep with my "woobie" every night.

My wife always made fun of me and my "woobie". Then we took a road trip and I had the AC on high, since the sun was beating down on me. The sun was not on her and she was cold. Women's Leather Handbag See all reviews here. Daniel Novak Mom was super happy to find another gi women's leather handbag her previous one she had for over 15 years has been on its last leg and needed a replacement. I found the instructions for connecting these straps to the top of the frame on YouTube.

The value point on this product is excellent. The price I paid for this pack, in brand new condition, was less than what all the other online vendors I researched, charged for their excellent condition grade. Once I got the pack set up and adjusted to my frame, I have been amazed at the comfortable fit and amount of space found in the two main compartments plus size of the two additional sustainment pouches.

With free shipping, outstanding turn around time and receipt of this rucksack in the mail in 2 days from the initial shipping notification, I could not be more satisfied with this company, their customer service, and the outstanding value of this rucksack.

Fantastic tough little shovel. Don't accept any substitutes. Trish P I can't review the product itself because it was a gift. But I found the website and ordering process super easy to use and shipping was fast!

I'm very happy with the transaction. Johnkurland Bought these for my older brother to replace a set he was issued in the army back in the 70's. He reflects they fit perfect, are solidly built and keep his feet warm just like the original.

Actually, better than real deal, since it was new, and didnt have the funk from previous Soldiers in it. Was issued the same thing in the Army. Liked it so much I bought my own. It's heavy, compared to modern bags, but it does what it says and it won't fall apart, even under heavy use.

Camping trip with friends over New Year's. Only guy in camp who didnt get cold at night. Also, only guy in camp who didnt have fancy electric blankets or whatever. Works better against bare skin. Crawl into it in skivvies only. Wear long johns or other layers to bed and you wont be nearly as warm.

Amanda Slagle Woobie was ripped, called and left message it was never returned. Don't bother going with any substitutes this thing is made to last. Alaina Great Quality and fast shipping everytime. They no longer make the initial pair but was able to find a replacement that he likes even better. Customer service was awesome. This is a perfectly new, unused ACH with the standard issue pads and straps.

In pristine condition, folds very compactly. Have not used it for cutting yet, but have not reason to doubt that it will do a great job! The bag itself was in decent condition considering it's age.

The leather conditioned up nicely. The reason I'm leaving two stars is because it doesn't have the original A frame or leather shoulder straps and has just been replaced with canvas straps, leaving it as a droopy pack.

I shopped around but I just couldn't buy another brand seeing how Danner has treated me. Guenduez Bulut for me I wear Xlarge it looks too smal. Great hat, just like the old days I sure miss the old days.

IvanBoyle My first pair came from the military. Best well fitted goggle I have owned. At 6'7 lbs it fit perfectly on my big head. After a few years the foam started to wear out and dust was getting in. I ordered a few other pairs and they where junk. Then found some new revisions on here. Don McGowan Pants are excellent quality in material and construction. The Velcro pocket flaps are a bit stiff and make considerable noise when opened, but otherwise I am well-pleased.

Eric Ruiz Muy buen producto satisfecho con el mismo. Steve garidel Very good,especiallyfor the price William White this coat is perfect, which even rarer when it is an authentic usna bridge coat. Michael Binstock Functional keeps the core warm at altitude. Gene Boni very good product, relatively fair price Ken Greene The warmest hat I have ever owned! Tina I like it! Theresa Perillo Excellent product and extremely warm. Jaimie-Lyn Roy My husband swears by this gear and this was by far the best deal i could find, he loves it!

Jasongertter I bought these Mickey Mouse Boots because sometimes I have to stand outside in extreme cold weather. My friends told me about these as the secret to keeping your feet warm. They were definately right about keeping your feet warm in cold weather. Just be warned that these things weigh a lot and are very clunky to walk around in.

These boots are the actual "Bata" military contractor models and not imitations. If you need to keep your feet warm and not move around a lot, I would reccomend these.

Theo Williams They're well-made, but definitely pre-ergonomic in design Still, a definite bargain, with just the appearance which I need for a costuming project. Always thank you very much! Mattias Excellent condition and great customer service. Man Xu perfect fit. Edward Rischert The cap was as advertised. Shipping was on time and it keeps my head warm. Can't ask for much more than that. Israeli Wool Blanket, Gray See all reviews here. I usually purchase about of these blankets a year, so I expect some wear and tear.

Only 2 of them did not contain numerous quarter sized holes and larger or stains that covered the majority of the blanket. No where in the description does it mention anything about this being a possibility. I did purchase them under the thought that they would be gently used, but not virtually threads and stains. David Francis Great Short Parka.

Very heavy zipper, and strong nylon outer material. Side pockets have access to inside of jacket. Service was only two days by USPS.

Shipped the day it was ordered. Jacket has very durable construction. Not only does it get hot on a set with the lights. He can go through five regular t-shirts in a day. These will smell like - - well lets just not go there.

And they will be soaked. Not nice around actresses He uses one each day. Just one regular t-shirt. These are super light. I will buy him more.

At this time I only have five for him which are black. I want to get a few different colors for him. Worth every penny for this wife who has to do the laundry.

Carl Michael Owings Exact replacement of my favorite boots I wore for 6 years. Absolute 5 Stars on product and service. Would love a XXL top aka: Fits and wears as you would expect from a mil-spec jacket.

I really appreciate the service and the quality and the cool factor is second-to-none. Ian King This cwu36p jacket I received has no contract number that showing the year of manufacturing and name of the manufacturer on its label. This info should be on every real issued item label. I got suspicious, so I did a test. There are some untrimmed thread ends on the jacket. I cut a longer one and light it up with a cigarette lighter. The jacket itself looks like aramid fiber but I don't want to test it by burn it.

I have emailed Mcguire to ask which manufacturer made this jacket, but no response so far. This is potential lawsuit if anyone use this jacket for fire hazard situation. It is my opinion that this jacket is not from US gov. The labeling is different compared the official issued one and the sawing thread used for this jacket itself is not conform to fire hazard requirement.

I am still waiting Mcguire to contact me. There was an issue with this jacket. Should have heeded the buy once, cry once motto on this item. It came with the older hard plastic case, which is nice, but not as nice as the newer MOLLE type ones. Mr Pink nice multi cam jacket. Donald Cole First time to order with this merchant and I give them a solid 5 star rating. Fast shipping, good price and the item was exactly as described.

Based on what we have received is a moderate sleeping bag for mild nights, the only thing army about this bag is the color "Green". I will get another pair.

Joe LeBlanc I have been wearing a size14r for over 4 years of these types of boots and actually feel the ones I have are a Stantheman Just like in Basic. Fill it, strap it on, just add running. It does all that you need to keep you hydrated.

Be sure to get the cleaning kit so that it does not grow bacteria in storage. It's suggested to my friend, too. The conditions are wet, muddy, hot and humid, but my feet stay dry and comfortable. The added safety toe allows me to wear these in heavy work environments where a safety toe is required. One added benefit is the TFX sole pattern does not pick up the mud as much as per boots with traditional Vibram patterns.

Essentially a great boot. This is my second pair. It doesnt flake and it looks and feels like something that will last a long time in all weather conditions. At this price its a steal. Steven Excellent communications and fast shipping, Thanks. Sheldon This is a very well made jacket that has become my goto jacket in the winter -- with the liner.

I bought this jacket to replace my ancient M surplus jacket from the 60's and I haven't been disapointed. I found with the liner a Med is a Med, but if you plan on not wearing much underneath it, and want a slimmer look, you might want to drop down a size. This is an incredible price for a US made Alpha jacket. I'm very pleased with my purchase and with McGuire. Well built it will last. The volume of the snoring changes from moment to moment. The noise is impossible to become accustomed to and sleep through due to the stops and starts in addition to volume changes.

Darby D James The vest is just the cover. Doesn't include the soft inserts. Cover was like new and great quality. Just expected the liner to be included. Miguel angel Garcia antolin Very good item, better than the hat of the spanish army that they gave me.

JustinGrager I was issued prescription inserts for these, but was not issued the glasses. Vivian Clegg The Dixie Cup was exactly what my cadet needed to add the finishing touch to her uniform for recruit training.

It was of high quality and a perfect fit! I took a chance on used and am very happy. The bag came in good working order and clean with only minor cosmetic blemishes. It is also nice that the inner layer can be worn as a stand alone layer unlike most jackets.

McGuire is also a great company the post office misplaced my package and they were on it really fast and took care of everything. I highly recommend this company and will continue to shop here knowing how great their customer service is.

Fast, expedient shipping, thank you! Fit was great, wife said they make me look slimmer! These are the highest quality kit available anywhere. Rascalhooger I finally have a pair of boots that I can wear out in the brutal cold weather that we have been having this winter.

The price was nice too! Anthony Solis Awesome product! Very high quality and I love this cover! The embroidered EGA is amazing. Has a sweat band inside to absorb sweat and fits great. J Winvkler Good buy regulation issue. Very comfortable and easy to install. Comes with more than enough pads to customize fit.

I ordered three and was able to make all three fit different head sizes. David Baldwin Nice and warm! Great gift for your outdoor friends plus you can keep one for yourself. Lois Weldon Great product! Good price and excellent service and delivery. Thomas Gulley It was to small I try to send it back with bar code ups just sent it back three times I give up give it away.

Rupe Got it fast and it was like the one I wore in the early 70's. It passed and works well as intended. The plugs would spring back instantly, instead of gradually, making it very difficult to insert. Mwarangenyigeneralsupplies I bought qty 62 of this product in DEC I now need qty 50 of same, Kindly indicate Fob prices to Nairobi.

Godfrey Smith Is it Spike Protective??? True to size and great value! Have about 4 pairs and no issues.. Russ Grimes Better condition than described! Fast shipping and delivery. Very quick to ship, great original jacket. No wants or worries. Highly recommend, if you want the best and the real deal this is it.

Greg Schluter This is not what I was expecting. I was expecting something of similar quality to thermarest, which used to supply this item to the military. The problem with this one is the air valve is not a screw down type like thermarest and other high quality suppliers. This mat has the old fashioned valve that is very rough to the mouth. It is alos makes adjustments to the level of inflation next to impossible to do in the field.

We are a Chinese Manufacturer ,Mainly products hunting wear, jackets, coats, pants etc. We are sure any of your Inquiry will get our prompt reply. Jeffry Quality cap, great materials and workmanship.

Pockets are sturdy for concealment. Steveschwenk warmest boots you will find. Prior to this I was wearing a pair of Belleville gortex lined boots with safety toes, soon as those safety toes got cold it was game over. Sturdy and not a cheap knock off.

Thank you, we will correct. Meghan This is exactly what I wanted! I've had a lot of sleeping bags over the years, but the modular nature and different possible sleeping combinations of a genuine military sleep system was always superior. Not the lightest, easiest to carry bag for hiking Bag arrived quickly, clean and in great condition. I would definitely recommend McGuire Army Navy and this sleep system! The price point is what has kept me away.

I was extremely disappointed upon receiving the jacket. Several factors played a role. The jacket came inn rolled up into a ball, as if someone had no care in the world the amount of money any customer paid for it, no official product tags were attached to the jacket. It almost looked as if it was a return mess, shipped over to a paying customer.

The forearm had extra baggy sleeves for some odd reason. The Velcro on the wrist was poorly attached to an extremely expensive jacket. Fert I expected to get a old used helmet.

But looks like it is brand new. Arrived earlier than expected. Bill Gausman My new favorite pants! Thanks, McGuires, for carrying these, and carrying larger sizes! I bought two pair, and am going to buy more. Dea Great boots at a great price. Well made and comfortable. I'll order another one soon, as the price is right and maybe it'll look better. Corinned Love how this folds up, still like the feel of a regular shovel but this fits nicely on my motorcycle, great for mountain road adventures.

Edward Cannan Excellent product! I can't wait for cool weather!!! Johnny I was a little worried if the pack was large enough for me. Don't be fooled by the picture. You won't find one better for the asking price!!! Steve Sonnenberg Two buckles broken, making bag non-functional.

Juliana Martel Great Product. The boot is very rugged and well built. These are the lightest boots made for the military. They are lighter than a pair of house shoes! I am extremely pleased with them. Robertpeterson very happy with the boots.

Very happy with the condition of the boots. I enjoy it a lot and I'm glad I ordered it. My friend recommended this product to me as well. So I'm glad I ordered it. It's great that's all can I please stop typing now? A community mourns Norm, 'chill' resident bar cat. Touching obituary about woman who died from opioid overdose goes viral. By National Desk Staff. Officers rescue 2-week-old puppy that got head stuck in gate.

Roofs ripped apart, neighborhoods submerged and flying debris. Devastating photos from Hawaii's volcanic eruption. What produce has the most pesticide problems? Worker drives miles to surprise dying man with his favorite pizza.

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