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Add hearts or other simple appliqué to the top.

blankets. Snug as a bug in a rug. That's what parents want for their gorgeous little boy or girl. Baby blankets are a great way to keep baby warm and cosy in the colder winter months, with a baby blanket suitable for all budgets from great value blankets to the more luxurious sheepskin comforter or the Wallaboo Baby Wrap being very popular choices. Or in the warmer summer months, keep little.
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Swaddling a baby is when you snugly wrap your baby in a blanket so that he or she feels warm and secure. It can keep your baby from being disturbed by its own startle reflex. It can even help to calm your baby.
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When swaddling isn't done properly, however, it can pose risks for your baby. To safely swaddle your baby, follow these tips. Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. Advertising revenue supports our not-for-profit mission.

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How to swaddle a baby. Previous Next 1 of 5 Keeping baby cozy Looking for a way to soothe your newborn? References Shelov SP, et al. Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: These would even be great for big kids in the summer, just the right thickness to cuddle up with at night. Enough to keep you warm thin enough to not make you too sweaty. So happy you are doing a baby series as I am 5 months pregnant and have been daydreaming about things to make. Now, voila here you are making these blankets which are one of my favorites.

Really excited to try out your tutorials, thanks so much! These are linen, right? It was so frustrating. I would ask the ladies at the store and even brought a blanket to show them and they were all clueless. The fabric is actually called gauze and Joanns carries it in a few colors though some joanns have a larger selection than others.

It may be near the linen section or with the other cotton apparel fabrics not with the printed quilting fabrics. I love using it for baby blankets. I like using a zig-zag stich in contrasting thread for a cute hem. Also, if you really want your blankets perfectly square, this fabric has a loose-enough weave that you can pull a thread out and then cut along the line that makes for a straight, square edge.

You are a genius! And I love, love, love the idea to give them as gifts! I adore these blankets but agree about the not-so-fun prints that they sell. Who do they have in charge of choosing that stuff anyway? I just ordered a ton of gauze from fabric. And I was wondering about how to finish the edges. How cute are those?! By the way, I have a giveaway going on for a free facial in Austin. Jill, who has 10 years experience in Hollywood, has recently moved from LA to Austin.

I had a facial with her and it was amazing! Feel free to check it out. I was hoping it might fluff up a little in the wash, but if not, I will definitely try doubling it! We used gauze blankets for both my boys. My mother in law made ones for my first born, also 4, and I saved them when number two came along.

Thankfully so, too, since he was born in July! Love the hearts one. Got to make some of these! I just had my baby Daphne 2 weeks ago, and the flannel swaddle blankets I have are just a bit too small. Thanks so much for the links and great tutorial. These would make perfect blankets for my 2 month old!

How do you find the time for all that you make? You absolutely amaze me! How are you back to blogging so regularly with such great tutorials as always already? And your model is precious! I am pretty sure spoon flower has this gauzey fabric as an option too.

I have been wanting an excuse to order something from them. I made some of these for my latest baby who was born last June. My SIL is have a baby girl this June, so now I will have to shop for some sweet girl coloured muslin, since all mine were for my baby boy. My little one had a batiste blanket that was perfect for Florida, and this would be just as perfect. You are so great. So, way to save the day! Thank you, thank you. This is why I keep coming back to your site almost every day: Thank for sharing this great tutorial and tip!

Thanks for educating me. You just saved me a bunch of money!! Theres another store walking distance from Michael Levines. It is called LA Alex Inc. As a FTM, I want all the colors, but living on a budget makes that hard! Wanted to post a reply also for anyone still looking for the gauze in downtown LA.

LA Alex is much cheaper and has a large variety of colors. What about roll hemming the guaze on a serger. Definitely doing this for my daughter who is expecting in June. Thanks for a great idea. Cant wait for it to arrive. My t shirts came out amazinggg!! I can sew, but i though freezer paper stenciling would be cooler. Would it turn out ok? The crinkles in the fabric might make it a bit more difficult to get a good paint job.

But my philosophy is to just go for it. I hope you understand me. Yes, I did pre-wash the fabric. Thanks for the help! They do look newer before washing.

I made one with my nieces name on it in knit , it turned out so cute! I ordered some gauze from Fabric. But I do know that my gauze fabric got softer with each wash. So give it a wash and see if it improves!

Well, I washed them many many times and they actually seem to be getting even more scratchy! I got two of the solid color gauze and one with a print.

Dana could you please remove the link to fabric. And silly me waited too long to return it and so now I have yards and yards of scratchy gauze. This is such a cute idea though that I am going to search out softer guaze and try it. A warning to others might be nice though. Thanks for all of your great tutorials! Wish I would have seen this warning sooner! I agree, please remove fabric. I bought enough fabric to make 12 blankets! That said, why would fabric. Hi Dana, love this tutorial!

I just made one for a friend and I had a question. When I hemmed the two vertical edges my fabric took on this sort of wave-y, ruffle-y look to it. I tried ironing after I was done and it helped but it still looks sort of bumpy and stretched out. Do you think it could be my choice of thread, would that make a difference? Or perhaps the quality of the gauze? I got mine at Jo-Anns. I can send you a pic if you want to see it. It is very rough. How is gauze better than flannel or knits?

What about the dye rubbing off? This is cotton, right? The same cotton that does not keep a permanent dye job? The gauze breathes so nicely. My husband and I much preferred using gauze swaddling blankets over flannel blankets. Plus we live in Florida, so I like that the gauze is cozy yet breathable. The baby is clearly supervised and even looks to be awake. Spending time on their tummies is good for babies. Perhaps you should keep your ill-considered opinions to yourself.

These were a big hit at the baby shower I made these for! You can use a rolled hemming foot to sew up the edges—so quick and easy with gauze. See my write-up here: I just made my first white one and I love it. I tried option 2 for sewing the hem around the blanket. The selvedge sides came out nice and straight. It came out wavy.

Otherwise did I hold it too tightly while I sewed? I LOVE this tutorial, and just bought three colors of gauze to make blankets for my new nearly here! I also bought cotton voile to make a couple of lighter blankets, because I was having a hard time finding the gauze at first. They turned out lovely and soft, too! I found some super soft gauze at Walmart of all places. Dharma Trading has this fabric too — they call it cotton bubble gauze — http: Sewed these with my 9 yr old Grand Daughter for her brother coming in a few weeks: Lay tissue paper over the knit fabric decorations to sew them.

Keeps the edges down. Peel off the paper after sewing. Not sure if this resource has been added in the 98 comments, but onlinefabricstore.

I made these last summer for my little boy and loved them. Just plain fabrics but I like the idea of printing something on them when being given as gifts.

I blanket stitched and crocheted edgings on mine for a little more interest. They have gotten softer and softer over the last year of washing and are still his favorite blanket to sleep with now that he is no longer swaddled. Love the bright pink so adorable! However I must try the gauze fabric since there is a new comer to the family not mine of course-great-grandson: Thanks so much for the Tutorial. Soo…I see from other comments that the fabric. Has anyone tried the tencel gauze from fabric.

Love these, by the way! I would think tencel would be softer, in general. My 7 month old daughter and I love my Aden and Anais blankets, and love to give them as gifts but I have the bamboo version- they are so much softer than the muslin, and also more expensive and only available in boutique type stores. Any thoughts on finding the fabric to make those?

Thank you so much for this!! We recieved some swaddle blankets for our baby shower, and we love them! I have used the bubble gauze from Dharma Trading, and it dyes nicely. It is spendy, though. Can other people please write about their experiences with these fabrics? Thanks for the idea! I also tried one with an unfinished edge and I stitched a line all the way around to keep it from fraying too much, we will see if that works.

Not only is Clara ridiculously adorable, but so are these blankets! I made my friend a pair and they turned out beautiful! I blogged about my results and made sure to link you up: All you do is iron it on and you are set to go. Also, to the woman wondering what to do with the swaddling blankets now that her baby is older here are 2 suggestions: You can decorate it at this point by adding ribbons or painting little designs — just be creative.

You will have a mini caftan for your baby that can be used as a beach cover-up, towel when getting out of the bath or just something for her to snuggle in all comfy. When a larger size was needed, we just clipped some together with spring clothes pins.

Easy and fast wash and dry, too. Thanks so much for the tutorial!! I bought some gauze at fabric. It takes longer of course, but helped me a novice sewer manage the fabric better. Did you ever compare the two gauzes?

Thanks for the tutorial and the places to purchase the fabric. What do you say to that? These are gorgeous, thank you for this.

What Is Swaddling?

of over 6, results for "baby boy swaddle blankets" Top Rated from Our Brands See more. Simple Joys by Carter's. Our Brand. Simple Joys by Carter's Baby Boy's 3-Pack Cotton Swaddle Blanket. out of 5 stars Simple Joys by Carter's. Our Brand. Shop for baby boy swaddle blankets online at Target. Free shipping on purchases over $35 and save 5% every day with your Target REDcard. Swaddle Blankets New babies love the comfort and closeness that swaddle blankets can give them. The comfort can not only help them sleep better, benefitting both you as a new mother and your baby, but can also protect them from scratching their face while they sleep.