Clifton Park Center (formerly Clifton Country Mall) – At one point, Clifton Park Center was one of my favorite malls in the area, with its unusual layout and dated mids decor.

The interior of the historic mansion features artifacts of family members, decorative arts, furniture, and paintings, all from the 18th century. This is a UPS mailbox store.

A collection of pictures of the actual storefronts behind the websites of camera and electronics dealers based in Brooklyn, NY (and Queens).
Adirondack Northway, I From Albany to Canada via the Adirondacks. Covering towns of Saratoga, Lake George, Schroon Lake, Lake Placid, Glens Falls.
Adirondack Northway, I From Albany to Canada via the Adirondacks. Covering towns of Saratoga, Lake George, Schroon Lake, Lake Placid, Glens Falls.
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The Fox Run Mall is the lone enclosed shopping center serving the seacoast region of New Hampshire. Since there’s no signage alerting you of the fact, many mistakenly assume the mall is located in the affluent and picturesque coastal city of Portsmouth, but is .

Why the Adirondack Northway?

Press Releases. Misdemeanor Guilty Verdicts in Albany Assault Case (, P v Robert Nickol) Driver with Revoked License Pleads Guilty to Leandra's Law (, P v Carlos Colon).

Jonah Norason December 1st, at 6: Bobby December 1st, at 8: JF February 16th, at 4: I just took a walk theough the Fox Run Mall for the first time in a couple of years.

Up at the Maine Mall, theer are a number of empty spaces as well, but I know as a fact that major upscale retailers are interested and are negotiating for at least some of those spots.

The mall was extremely clean, and there seemed to be a fair amount of shoppers, but the large number of empty spaces gives to me the impression that nothing exciting is going to happen there anytime soon. Woodbury Ave, the road that leads to the mall from Portsmouth, has many closed stores and restaurants as well.

Well there a walmart near fox run mall now. One was beacsue it was to manny for the Owners. So they closed plenty of them down. April 11th, at 1: Jill March 5th, at 5: All of the other major chains, most of which came in in the late 90s-early 00s, are still there.

JP March 17th, at 7: I was back at this mall last weekend. Also was surprised to see a couple of newly abandoned restaurants along Woodbury Ave. SmokeyBones was one of them, but that chain in general has been a flop. But I was also surprised to see Pizzeria Uno gone. John March 24th, at I was in the area last weekend as well, and thought that I would see the Fox Run Mall. I wanted to see what the JCPenney looked like, because I work for the company, and it was very small.

I did a bit more research on wikipedia and saw that all of the anchors at Fox Run are fairly small. I saw the old Filenes, the design was neat. What other closed stores and restaurants were on Woodbury Ave? JP March 27th, at The town blinked and Uno pulled out.

Someone more familiar with Portsmouth can correct me on this, but the only other chain restaurant I can think of that closed in that area recently was Pizza Hut, and that was a good years ago. Jennifer March 31st, at 8: They tool over the Lane Bryant that was next to them and they will be reopening sometime in May.

The mall has a lot of closures. And some sad local stores. It needs some better national retailers like Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma.

Peter Creedon April 27th, at 1: My mother was going through some of my old baby stuff. In one of the things she found, was my first outing, and that was to the Newington Mall. Jason May 4th, at 2: JJ May 9th, at 2: I was stationed at Pease AFB in the early 80s. I think it was called Papa Genos.

Alex May 28th, at 7: Is the Red Lobster still there? It is my favorite. There is no other place in NH that has the Red Lobster! CE May 29th, at 5: Red Lobster is no more.

It may have become The Olive Garden. Darden did that with several ex-Red Lobsters in Maine. October 13th, at 5: Jonah Norason May 29th, at 9: That kinda made sense, since the old Olive Garden had burnt down in a grease fire…. JF July 7th, at 8: The only sign of life was PAC SUN, which is moving from a smaller spot to a larger one which will create yet another empty space. There were almost no cars in the parking lot, and very few shoppers inside.

I knew that Portsmouth was too small a market to support two malls back when Fox Run was built. I went there afterward and was hard pressed finding a parking place at any of the lots. September 2nd, at You went in the middle of summer, when the Kittery Outlet mall is jam-packed because York is packed full of beach-goers.

Smith July 7th, at 9: This gave the mall a much cleaner, brighter and airier feel. Although a lot of changes were made primarily in the last two years.

I have noticed that there are still many vacant stores. JF July 13th, at 8: I think at the time the old Newington Mall was built, there were no other malls in New Hampshire, so all of Massachusetts, hoping to save money on tax, went to Newington. But with time, Manchester got a mall and so did Nashua, and Salem got the largest one of all.

I think the entire Southern New Hampshire market has been overbuilt anyway. Without Massachusetts support, none of those malls, with the exception of Manchester, would be as large as they are. Shelly July 21st, at 2: What was the name of the arcade in the Newington Mall? I went there as a kid and loved it! That was the outing of the week…..

Boy, that brings back memories!! Dana Sion August 13th, at 3: There was also a large for a mall Burger King to the left of it with full sit down seating and a 2nd level of seating I think it may just be walled off now. To the right of the old arcade was Memory Lane then it became Shortys then they downsized and sold out to another Mexican restaurant sitdown.

That company also left the Coin-Op business all together and sold off what it had. It is located across the street from the states only IMAX. Bryan Lewis September 23rd, at 7: The idea didnt work well…. The Newington Mall was one of the first malls in the state, with anchors Bradlees, Montgomery Wards, and Porteous…and there was a Shaws there once too….

This address now appears on the Genius family web sites. The domain names ending in Island are new. All of them redirect to CloseoutIsland. This address is on that site. These new names were discovered by Thoughts-Of-Dave blog. All sites are defunct. Address then also found in NY entity database. Website address is a PO box in the post office.

Address from web site. Domain registered on Comments at ResellerRatings were plentiful until June Orly City Sportswear is still at this address and there is a showroom behind the tree at the right. EMS name from bottom of contact page. No longer listed on eBay. They are now out-of-business. In this storefront is now Jasienowski Studio, Portrait Photography.

See the not much used front door , though there was a car in back. Site is now a link site. T, Gravesend Primary Brooklyn location. Then for a short time they used a storefront at 90 Quentin Rd.

Now US1Camera has N. Wood Avenue, Linden, NJ for showroom. Address was at US1Camera. Address was in 5StarsSlectronics' whois. Landmark sign is now gone, though the business name may still be Landmark Distributors, Inc. You can read the full word Linoleum now. An August visit found an orthopedic shoe place here. One piece of evidence is no AgA Electronics Inc. No address now at PCandPlasma. All websites are now defunct.

They also used the second floor at Broadway was clearly also using the upstairs on , as people were going up and down. The store has shallow depth. Then there is a door with a sign saying keep closed.

I could see people at desks in the back. Now out of business and a deli has moved in. They were using both floors. Web sites are either down or go to a link page. But the BBB always had them at Focus's location. Also this was the World Photo address used on a web page some years ago. The storefront is new. I believe this was previously just a warehouse outlet at the door to the right , which was cleaned up. See earlier picture of the door. Returns now go to McDonald Ave. Website has a link to Focus Camera home page.

Address from BBB, no address on web site or whois record. Cameratopia went out of business in Now it is parked. Possibly Broadway is going to reactivate this name for a new website. Street now missing from whois. Website just redirects to eBay store.

The Digital Buyer was active from Nov to Apr An earlier address used may have been Utica Avenue. Their Amazon shipping page states sales tax collected on all purchases shipped to New York. Now obviously, as of Nov they are no longer here. Last I checked the entity database had not been updated. This is a new name for the Broadway family as older domains aren't getting many hits anymore.

The outside of that piece of paper on the door was blank. Domain names sold to Worldwide Internet Technologies, Inc. T Despite what you see on the signs, inside it was filled with people at desks and on the phone. Both sites now inactive and a café is at this location.

Corporate entity is still active and at this address. See what they left behind here: Domain name anonymously registered Jan NY entity database lists them under a woman's name at E.

The entity was registered Feb Actual place of business is unknown. If you have received product from this company please e-mail me from link on page bottom. In Summer website has: Our online store is currently closed for maintenance.

It offers an e-mail address for contact. Website no longer reachable. Address always on ecomElectronics. Company name from building front of former location. Plus the fax was shared with Ecom.

ShopOem is back in Painted on the door in the center of the picture is Shopoem. Note that awning above is now gone, but the store inside looks the same. A curiousity is in the under construction picture there are no third floor windows.

I find it strange that they started with a solid wall and then cut the windows in. Or was it a mistake? Passing by in March I found the name no longer on the door.

Checking I found the web site no longer accessible. Address found by clicking the Volusion SSL logo on the front page. Checking the mailboxes finds box unlabeled. Their door is also unlabeled. The whois has a person's name at East 2nd St. However, this name does not appear in the NY entity database! On their Policy page [archive. I put it here as I am able to confirm that this address is active.

This is a clone of AllStar's EliteCamcorders. ElectroCloseOut is their newest domain name. No address on the website, but the BBB puts them here. Many comments at ResellerRatings. See blog comment at Thoughts-Of-Dave. No address on them. Names used in the past included: See Shedding Some Light's the 1 Stop Camera family for detailed listing of the names used in this family. Also see list at the BBB [archive.

Ritebuys was using on their website: Suite , which is used by others in the 1 Stop family. Picture updated December I was passing by and a car was about to pull out. So I waited and got this shot in that short interval the spot was free.

Passing by I found they are now using the space next door for a warehouse. They have no connection with the defunct World Photo Online, which used this address in the past. They purchased the building, and not the company it contained. Picture taken on a Saturday when they are closed. See next picture for actual BuyRite location.

All these other domain names now out-of-business. Also a reverse lookup at Also a google search on this number gets it. And this is the address in the NY State entity database.

They use the entire building. Address on web site contact page. The gimmick is by shipping from the US they don't collect VAT, and they declare a low value to avoid import duties.

On the SLR Hut site are two addresses: On this Citysquares page Sunset Electronics is located at one of their former addresses. There is no connection to the Sunset Electronics in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, which is listed elsewhere on this page.

Based on the nameserver used for SLRHut. Some of the entries at RipOffReports are new. Mixed reviews at Yelp. Formerly at Flatlands Ave, Marine Park. They were in the storefront. They didn't bother to remove the awning of the prior tenant. But before about Mar it was registered to a home at East 4th St, Brooklyn. That domain and JerseyPhoto. Now all those domains defunct. That phone number googled to fumfie then changed on the site and to the eBay dealer jeseyphoto [sic], also active since It redirected to the eBay store.

Other domains used in the past: More on them can be found at Thoughts-Of-Dave blog. This was the address on the whois for adarimports. Before this location they were at North 4th St. Web pages used mail drops in Manhattan. A sign on the Marcy door says to use door around corner. A sign on the first door around the corner says to use next door. That second door is pictured here. All these names are listed by the door.

My November picture was updated July and they were out of business a few months later. A pass by in Jan found the signs still up. NY entity database has them at Dahill Road. Both entity and domain registration use this address.

Address wasn't on web site, but this one now is. Main phone number is in the exchange that this mailbox store is in. Nothing at the BBB. Some comments at Reseller Ratings. Someone googled a string of text from the aboutus page and found the page is an exact match for the aboutus for FCI Tech! So while this location is not near FCITech, it appears that this is a new name for them.

Less at this address. The whois is at this address. No address at the web site. Reverse lookup is still at this location, but name is now "Lespons, Cameras For. The whois registration for UsedCamerasForLess. Phone number reverses to here. Security guard confirmed that they were a tenant upstairs. This firm has always been wholesale only. This was their second Brooklyn location.

Before this they were at Coney Island Ave , a smaller building. When I visited I did look in. What I saw was a warehouse with a shipping bench.

I passed by and their sign was gone. I looked in and saw basically the same shipping bench and shelves. I saw a fellow. I motioned for him to come out. He came out of the storefront next door. He informed me that had moved to NJ. This is the address found in the whois record and had been at the BBB web site. Now the BBB [archive. Now for returns they use McDonald Ave , which is Focus Camera's warehouse and website states that it is part of Focus.

Website is now dead. At one time this was Digital's location. Then this had two awnings for Choice One Digital.

I passed by often, but never got around to taking a picture. Then the awnings were gone. A little research found the place became Blue Switch Digital. Their domain name was registered on Apr, a short time after the choiceonedigital. Defunct DNS on choiceonedigital. Around October Blue Switch went out of business.

Brooklyn Bicycles has moved into the space. Their domain names now redirect to devix. Some time later a paper sign for Blue Web Digital was put up, so I got a picture. A fellow getting out of his car saw me taking my camera out. After hearing my first name he knew exactly who I was! He didn't want me to take the outside. It was just a plain ordinary warehouse [picture taken following week].

So he let me take the inside instead. Website now has 86 Mayfield Ave, Edison, N. This location now has a wood shop inside and a for rent sign. Previously they were at 2nd Ave, Sunset Park. See storefront and full building picture. Previously also used stores. When active the old address was on each eBay page. Web site and now Dealtime has an address in Manhattan where they have never been.

A comment at ResellerRatings. LLC used in anonymous domain registration, but not found in NY entity database. Found on their web site. This building has multiple entrances.

Their entrance is the one in the front corner. Formerly at New Utrecht Ave , which is the building on the left in the picture. They were possibly also using the building on the right as I saw a fellow walk over. This was the sign on the door of SaveSonic lists no physical address, but there are numerous web page similarities to RefurbDepot, plus a single page in Archive. In July I found RefurbDepot. Before they disppeared they left behind some unhappy customers: Also an F at the BBB.

The return address and packing slip have this address. Miritronics from searching on phone number shown at Amazon. It is pronounced L-Gee-Oh. Most are anonymous, but the. This from contact page and is called warehouse address. Previously the site had a large apartment building at Brightwater Ave, Brighton Beach as the mailing address, and that is still the whois address.

No business names of any kind on the tenant listing there. A sign on the door has "Easy Ship. Reviews are suspicious at Reseller Ratings. More details in Thoughts Of Dave entry. This is the address used in the whois record for digitallydiscovered.

No BBB record, and no address at web site. To the left was a store that installed car stereo systems. There was a For Rent sign on the building. A visit on Apr found the sign gone and some men working. They said someone took the place and is moving in.

And that a new sign would be going up in front. Activity looks like the marble place next door is now using this as their office. Value Imaging Products Inc.

A resellerratings comment put Digital Fuze at this address. Now is the store to the right In Style. But it doesn't look like a web dealer! So I included the store at Maybe that's the real location? On a later trip I asked people working at if they were LandMark. They did not know. They said they just worked there. The upstairs to had no indication of business activity. Address at web site has now been changed to Ave U. PriceSCAN no longer lists this dealer.

So I took the picture. Doing research after I got back I found their address on the web. Sometime around they moved to Stirling Rd, Suite 9a, Dania, Florida and in became somewhat dormant.

In the ShopDigitalCorp. PowerSellerNYC is now using this storefront as part of their space. This is the address the web site used to have for returns and contact.

Now removed from contact and policies pages. This is the address that the BBB had. NY entity database has a post office box in Monsey, NY. Whois now has a fellow's name and 14th Ave. Suite C5, which is a large apartment building. Web site calls this their pick up center, and there will be no shipping and handling if picked up. As you can see they no longer have , and now only have The awning was cut in half!

On some sites they are called Network Communications Corporation, but that is not listed in the NY entity database. In the summer of the awning disappeared and they moved back into Local phone number on web page reverses to Tactum Corp. They formerly were at Stanley Ave, which is a building similar to this.

Web site is now dead and number is disconnected. This is their warehouse. They only have a warehouse. Previously at Quentin Rd. Address found around the web when only eBay seller. After they had a web site the address was always on it. Previously they had a storefront at Avenue N , but they have gone to web sales only.

On this Fave Page they list the address Ralph Ave. Address from a comment in resellerratings. On a prior visit to this location I went up to the door and a fellow confirmed that there were people in the back working for Avalon Gadgets.

He said they are based in Delaware the whois had been using a mail drop in Wilmington, DE, now the whois has a PO box in Hawaii and this was just the Brooklyn location. He did not want me to take a picture. I came back later. The fax number was in Idaho. Then the voice numbered disappeared and the fax number's area code was , which is Reno, Nevada. Now that has disappeared and e-mail is the only contact method. Foto Electronics from ResellerRatings.

In a Epinions. I was passing by and found Angela's had moved to 20th Ave. They could still be working in the back, but more likely they have moved to an unknown location. All sites now defunct. Rite Buys had been using Coney Island Avenue.

Found in comment at Epinions. Avalon's actual Brooklyn location is 20th Avenue. All of these domains are now either for sale, dead, or have a virus waiting to infect you.

After moving to Edison, NJ they went out of business and the domain names resurfaced here as part of Broadway Photo. This address is on all those web sites. The next addition was Quest4Cameras.

The domain was registered in May and for many months they successfully cloaked this address. An interesting sidenote is this storefront was used many years ago by a long defunct Top Choice Digital. Quest 4 Cameras has moved to Ave. In the middle of Broadway left this location and all operations are now at the E 89th St warehouse.

Digital Megastore now has East 22nd St on their web site. This is a house. Most websites are "Server not Found. One has drival about the best Android multiplayer games. One redirects and then requires a password. Other dba's use same number. At this address had been solutions4digital. The now expired and never used domain name DealsOnCell. Radio Active Electronics, RadioactiveDeals. These domain names no longer in use, and this location has become a Foot Locker store.

Operations still exist for a couple other domain names at 61st St. Address from NY entity database. Domain has been anonymous since the beginning.

Website states that a site is coming soon. Website now has Server not Found. Found on a reverse lookup on their local phone number. Technically Flushing is the taller building to the right. But it has no public entrance, other than the supermarket and a school.

After several trips I discovered that the building entrance is on the side street, where the woman in the turquoise shirt is cleaning the door. Active International Marketing is using suite This was the address superpages had for a reverse lookup on the phone number found on their web page. Listed there as Alltime Deals.

At Bedford their door was the one to the right. The one on the left is , and a different company. PMB is used in their cnet listing. No address in whois. This is also the address, with Apt. The building is divided into apartments. NY entity database has East 5th St , which is a residence.

The AllInOneDigital website is now under construction. When up it used a mailbox store at 16th Ave. Brooklyn warehouse Maspeth Ave, Bushwick In the past Etronics also had a Manhattan location that welcomed walkins, but that was closed. But the sign is now removed. This is a large building. On the Vandervoort Ave side there is an office type entrance with no street number.

Fesco sells similar products as does Etronics, but wholesale only. Possibly the parent company. Address also in whois and making a purchase from eco-field. Entrance to second floor is along the left side and is the doorway with the stone surround. Now out of business and a pharmacy has moved in. Formerly located in a storefront at Ditmas Ave. In this dealer's early days AbesCamera. It may have been his original domain name. Confirmed in NY entity database. By the time I made it to 20th Ave in October they had moved away and a car and limo service place had moved in.

From they used EmpireDigital. Then they switched to EmpireDigital. Then was using the site at the link above. At this location the awning was next for The Computer Guys, which sells no products, only services. Company name from banner on store front and found in NY entity database with a 30 Clinton St, Brooklyn address. They were using all of the third floor. Then a for rent sign was there. Not on web site. Actual place of business unknown. Must be a typo. Inside the door there are two mailboxes for two offices on the second floor.

Site up during and , possibly longer. This address from cnet. The whois address 84 Gravesend Neck Rd which I took is also a home whois address has now been removed. No reverse lookup on phone number.

It is likely that this name was another name used by AllStar Camera. Now out of business, but the buzz4digital e-mail address was used in for the original domain registration for Big Camera Deals. There were people working behind the shutters. Address confirmed by phone. Was also on some web sites. See next picture for former location.

But there was a fire here in about September Then they moved to Coney Island Avenue. See prior picture, though for a long time after they moved they continued using this address. According to an old price. The two buzzers for the upper floors were not labeled. The eBay store is still active. It claims to be "the major online supplier of batteries and other power related products for portable electronic devices. Web site has the address of a mailbox store at nearby Lee Ave, Northside found in a merchant listing.

Actual business appears to be taking place at Ave. This domain name is no longer active. Whois now has the address 90 Quentin Road. This address from googling on Quality Photo and Brooklyn. The phone number reverses to them at this address. The intercom has written on it to use buzzer 4 for Quality Photo. Their customer service number reverses to this address. Some comments at ResellerRatings.

See closeup of front door. Bacario uses Ave I, which is the address for the right side of building where the bicyclist is. There is no entrance on that side, just a sign telling to go around the corner. The only cameras SimonCells sells are built into cell phones. Their web site highlights unlocked phones. SimonCells is now a crude link page, but Bacario is still active and now has 37th St, Suite This appears to be the same address as ShopCell.

First location was a second floor office at 18th Ave. Now it is back to the South Plainfield address. For a while it did forward to plasmaBAY. And briefly in June , when new, LizMadison had E. Now it is dead. That leaves only lcdtvs. But this address is in NY entity database and was on their domain registration until it was made anonymous in March Site is now a useless search engine. In the past they used Howdy Camera, HowdyCamera. Now completely out of business.

These seem to be same people as www. Their domain registration has been anonymous since registration in October It is not clear just where they are. The black door at the left in the picture is The building to its left is The two story building at the right is In the back is only the auto body and detailing shop.

That black door does have a security camera above the door, so it leads to somewhere. Dealer now has a page at ResellerRatings. Note streamers still up. Before this they were at 86th Street in Bay Ridge. But they didn't last long here. Both websites are now blogs. The singular one since December The plural one since January The signs at the door at the right were for businesses on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

So Cambridge World is using the first floor, and at the far left there was a truck loading or unloading. A reverse on it finds Unlimited Business Tech at the pictured address and the phone number is on the awning.

They are new to this location. Previously they had three locations which turned up in Google searches. These address pictures from Google Streets View: At this location is now an insurance agent. It is also found at Printing Quotes Online.

Currently at this address is a lounge that was incorporated on Oct 06, No address at web site. Whois is now anonymous. Lots of reviews at ResellerRatings. The picture is new August At the time they were looking for a tenant for the front part of I also saved the May one. Entity name from awning. Entity database has 73rd St, 2nd Fl. Also see sign on the door. NY entity database stated that they are in Suite 2B.

For the back side of the building see the NY Times picture. Also see the article: This address found on TheSupplySpot contact page. Formerly at New Utrecht Ave, Suite A reverse on the local phone number gets Apt 3C in this building with a name and his job listed as Supply Spot, Owner.

Also at one time FineLeatherLuggage. New location for this dealer and better for shipping and receiving. I came upon it in January A July visit found they have doubled the street frontage and added new awnings. Here is a May picture. Also the address in the NY entity database.

The whois had a box in the post office with the same zip code as this address. The phone number on the whois reversed to 47th St Photo at this address.

Photo Video Computers Electronics used the same phone number, and was listed in the phone directory and HelloBrooklyn. They are also a surplus club that sells on eBay and on Amazon. At one time they owned NikonDigital. In it read Delta Marketing Inc. Legal name is Corp. By May , when this was taken, the Inc was scraped off. They are the US distributor for Opteka.

They left here before January At this old location all signs and the awning are gone and a for rent sign is on the building.

It still is on the whois registration. See name on paper sign above entrance. Web site is now dead. Address at web sites. They had also been using CounterAppliance. For a while DiscountMaven. Now it is defunct. Domain name expired Feb and is now a link page. The other two domains are not active. Also used for returns. NY entity and domain registered Fall No website yet, other than Amazon storefront. Website now defunct and no products for sale at Amazon. The only phone numbers are an one and a fax number in Washington State.

That may be a mailbox store. Common usage of this mail box store isn't enough evidence. They did sell a few digital cameras, but they mostly sell appliances and other things for the home. Picture was taken on a weekday during business hours. Maybe they are upstairs?

Web site says under construction. Presumably they are out of business. The site now only states the retail store is in the heart of Brooklyn. L, Flatlands Address from web site and entity database. In the past they used gopcplus. Initally the vendors for all cameras were sites of the same company.

Then the eight sites appearing were from two vendors. Now site is no longer up. Picture taken on a weekday during business hours. Address from whois database. Company name from front door. They are no longer at this address, they have moved to 54 Pearl St , which is nearby.

Note that ID-Tech Solutions is still in business, but they no longer have any involvement with selling cameras or electronics. Address from entry in resellerratings.

This address used to be cameratopia. However, on my last visit I found another business has moved into this space. Phone number reversed to this address. They sold home electronics and some digital cameras. Entity database has East 3rd St , a single family home. The "click" sites have been revived at the new address of East 28th St, Brooklyn. No number on building.

A fellow entering the building confirmed that this was the correct address. There is now a big banner over the door for discount rugs. The first floor is now rugs. Probably they are up the flight of stairs. Web site now has address in Fort Collins, CO, though the site is under construction and barely loads.

Website no longer exists. Address was from web site. Now no longer is. However, the whois record still has this address.

The house was sold in June This was the home of Albert Avi Houllou, a principal of the Broadway family. PriceTopia is now a price search engine that was only featuring 1WayPhoto. Now it mostly features Broadway family web sites. This address was also used for the registrations of CameraTopia.

For a list see Shedding Some Light. As Houllou purchased this house in October , and DigitaleTailer. This address has never been used on any web sites. From whois record and phone number reverses to this business at this address.

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