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During World War II , military parachutists wore wind proof jump smocks primarily to cover equipment that may have caused the parachutist to be stuck in a narrow doorway. Kids Basic Sewing Ages 9 and Up. Continue in this way to end of row always remembering to take only one stitch in each pleat see diag. Creative Hands Description:

GINGER SNAPS DESIGNS. Classic patterns, very easy for Coburn is well known in heirloom sewing for her excellent, easy to understand instructional patterns and books. Something for everyone, boys, older girls and lots of patterns for babies, including preemies.
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Baby smoked dresses offer classic, traditional, and too-cute style. Your newborn will look darling in a timeless red, pink, yellow, baby blue or white smocked dress from our affordable assortment. Baby girl smocked dresses are fun, feminine and perfect for spring and summer months.
Antique Pattern Library is a project of New Media Arts Inc, a nonprofit organization, tax exempt under IRC Sec. (c)(3), EIN We are grateful for donations. They may be tax deductible, depending on your tax circumstances and where you live.
Beautiful baby wear, gorgeous hand smocked dresses for girls and charming boys outfits are our main focal inspirations. We are obsessed with quality, luxurious fabrics and the art of hand smocking .
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Thousands of happy moms agree, Southern Smocked Co. offers the best in smocked and boutique baby & children's clothing!

Mostly she was thinking about her bladder. Five minutes ago, School had brought her the third bottle of the morning. The worst part was not knowing. Would she feel the need to go first? At present, she just felt full. Maybe the worst part was understanding what awaited her.

At some point, maybe in the next hour or two, she was going to wee in her pants. She needed to accept that. But afterward, she was going to be left sitting in her wet diaper. But for now she sat in her play pen. Squirming, as she felt the need to pee slowly increase. One thing was niggling Christine. She remembered Mister Green lecturing her about diaper rash and the need to keep herself clean and dry.

She already had a modest case. The skin over her labia and between her legs had first exhibited a few prickly red spots. Spots had become blotches which were now coming together in solid red rash. The skin appeared puffy and felt hot to the touch. It chaffed and was deeply uncomfortable, particularly in the terry cloth diapers that she sometimes had to wear.

The plain cloth ones with the velcro tabs like the one she wore at the moment were better. But facing the prospect of being left for hours at a time in wet diapers, she worried it could get worse.

Just one more misery to add to her ever growing list. She tried to distract herself by looking about. A broad selection of toddler toys had been placed in the pen. There were soft toys, a piano with its keys painted in primary colours, a fake flip phone, and a plastic cone with a series of brightly coloured rings on it. Christine had no intention of touching any of them.

Not that she could use her hands meaningfully anyway. The concrete floor of the pen had been covered with a mat made up of interlocking foam pieces that displayed different letters of the alphabet. There was enough floor area for 16 of the brightly coloured pieces, making for a 4 x 4 square.

Not one to miss a trick, Mister White had cleverly pieced the pieces together so they read: She really needed to go now. She twisted about on the floor again, but no position gave her any relief. Then, without any warning, it just happened. She automatically tried to pull her muscles in harder, but it had absolutely no effect. Time slowed to a crawl. The trickle quickly became a stream. This was completely unlike the catheter, which had constantly dripped and dripped, slowly making her wetter.

Now she felt the stream slowly fill the soft cloth between her legs. She clamped down harder, but it changed nothing. The stream kept coming, saturating her. She thrust a fist to her crotch in a vain effort to stop herself. At this point, Samantha happened to glance across the room toward Christine. After her various talks with Christine, she knew how terrible this particular moment must be for her friend.

She felt her own heart break as she saw Christine realise that very moment. At some point she gave up trying to hold on any further. The stream became a flood and in moments her diaper was entirely soaked. Warmth spread through her crotch and in between the cheeks of her bottom.

At some point, the diaper reached saturation, and she soon felt a little liquid seep into her plastic pants. Just wait as long as you think you need to. Suddenly the bud in her ear came to life. I feel so helpless watching you all.

I mean, apart from setting timers? You could do something about all this. Sophie, have you got anything to add? Or shall we just wait for your next valuable contribution? Instead of — you know — maybe visiting the cops and getting us out of here. Who do you think could arrange the abduction of dozens of young women, hide them, make sure that the authorities never get close, and then, when they get bored with one of you, arrange for them to be relocated, give them a new identity and enough money to keep their mouths shut for the rest of their lives?

I watch the CCTV. I keep an eye on you and I help out where I can, not that I can do all that much mind you. Trying to sleep every night but waking in a cold sweat remembering every day in crystal-clear Technicolor? Do you think I want to do this? Subject myself to having to watch all this? I could be like the others and just disappear back into something like a normal life. Or erasing certain parts of the CCTV footage that might cause some trouble. Like maybe the footage that shows where particular people sleep each night… School.

Thirty seconds gone here, thirty seconds there, and suddenly it looks like you both stayed in your own rooms. Silence echoed through the room. Samantha looked across at School. Unable to meet her stare, the tartan clad redhead turned back to her chores.

The morning waned into afternoon. Christine was gratefully changed by a chastened School, who in a move typically out-of-character, freely offered to carry out the unpleasant task.

Bottle after bottle continued to come to her each and every hour. The girls disappeared upstairs to finish their chores, leaving Christine to sit idly in the play pen with nothing to see or do.

She considered that anything that might break up the monotony would be welcome rather than waiting around in the pen. But she remained resolved not to touch the things. She looked at her mittens again, for what seemed like the hundredth time, just in case something had miraculously changed that would allow her to get the dreadful things off.

She thought about climbing out of the pen to find out what the others were doing. But she knew if she were caught there would be trouble. It was Rubber this time who brought it to her. Even that minor task was an ordeal with the mittens. It was about half way between bottles when Mister White and Mister Green both appeared. They looked across at Christine as they passed through the playroom. White stopped for a moment, looked her up and down, grinned lustfully, and then followed Green up the stairs to the bedroom level.

Minutes later Christine heard the slapping of leather on flesh and a deep scream. School was getting her thrashing. Five more screams followed. Then some low moaning and muffled voices. Then there were another six blows with accompanying screams.

School must have said or done something to make her punishment worse. Christine felt the beginning of complaints from her bladder. She crossed her legs. White and Green reappeared from above. This time with Rubber in tow. And at almost the same time, Black arrived from downstairs. Rubber was manhandled onto the solid wooden chair that dominated the centre of the room. She was placed on it in a position very familiar to Christine.

Her knees on the seat, and splayed wide apart, her hands placed on the seat back. Green strapped her knees to the arm rests and her wrists to the back rest. He followed with further straps around her ankles and neck that immobilized her completely.

Green stepped in front of Rubber and unzipped his pants. Bumba Bella is not responsible for damages occurring by misuse, normal wear or cleaning. Personalized items cannot be returned except in the case of an error on the part of Bumba Bella or if you receive defective goods. Please be sure to double check spelling before placing your order. Order to embroider the baby's name on your backpack and add a touch of class to your baby's item. Add a touch of class to your baby's meal time at the day-care center with one of our Machine embroidered bibs.

Buy a set of 5 and you will no longer worry about the day-care losing one of your baby's bibs. Product Categories Newest Additions. First Communion - Headpieces. First Communion - Veils. Preemie - New Born - Dolls. Why buy from us.

Making a Bishop Dress. Making Withdrawn Work Lace. Making a Smocked Dress. How to Make a Cummerband. Preparing an insert for picture smocking. How to Sew Corded Pintucks. If you are allergic to cigarette smoke, you need not worry about one of our dresses smelling like cigarette smoke. Clothes sewn with love.

Cindy Evans Costume Designer. Our Newest Additions From time to time, we will post here the newest items we have added. Click here to visit our 'Our Newest Additions'. The dress arrived safely yesterday! It is absolutely beautiful - and fits her perfectly too! It's exactly what we were hoping for - thank you so very much! You do incredible work. Missy in Louisville, Kentucky. When you pay this much for a dress for an 8 year old, obviously the expectations are high to start.

Still you managed to greatly exceed my expectations, the dress is absolutely beautiful and the workmanship is impeccable. Thank you so much! First Communion Dresses The First Communion is a very special event in the life of children and their families. The age of children taking their First Communion is generally between 5 and 8 years.

The dress arrived and it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for everything - my daughter's communion dress is just perfect! You've given me a dress to pass on to both of my girls and then to pass on to their daughters. It will never go out of style - it looks exactly like the dress I wore 30 years ago!

Click here to visit our 'Flower Girl Dresses'. Click here to visit our 'Cummerbands'. I just wanted to pass on my appreciation for making such a beautiful dress. The package arrived yesterday and my daughter absolutely loves it You are amazing, I will recommend this site to everyone I know!!!! If there is someplace I can post a review for you, please let me know. Thank you very much for the wonderful service.

Love it, love it, love it!!!!! Christening Gowns The christening or baptismal gown is traditional ceremonial garb for a child being baptized in most Christian denominations. Today, the child being christened wears a special outfit that is usually white, as this color symbolizes purity, although sometimes the gown is ecru, ivory, or natural.

Any family member may buy, donate or make the christening or baptismal gown. In many families, the christening gown is passed from generation to generation. Sometimes pure silk is used. Hand Smocked Baby's Bonnets Initially, bonnets were a wreath of leaves and flowers worn to celebrate the coming of spring, the beginning of new life after the long cold winter.

Boys Rompers with Hand Smocked Insert Originally, rompers were only for baby boys and were one-piece suits. Dressy romper outfits are often used in formal occasions, such as christening ceremonies, dedication, Easter, and Christmas. Click here to visit our 'boys rompers'. When we asked Emily if we could quote her on our website after she said "I love the bonnets, and will probably order more!

Sewing machine, scissors, thread, extra bobbins, extra needles, the strip pack you selected, happy disposition, jokes, and goodies for the teacher just joking. Finishing Your Second Tuffet with Brenda Now that you have taken a Tuffet Source class and have completed a beautiful tuffet you may want to make a second. You will purchase a preprinted foundation from Brenda and make it prior to coming to the Second Tuffet class. The tuffet will be made according to the pattern instructions provided in your original class.

After completing the piecing of the tuffet top it will be time to finish in the Second Tuffet class. Bring your finished tuffet top and utilize the classroom space and tools needed to complete your tuffet.

At this class you will be charged for a tuffet finishing kit payable to the instructor. Previous Tuffect Source Class One 4 hour session: Brenda Eppele Supply List: Learn about sandwiching, basting, quilting and binding.

Let's sandwich it all together and get those projects completed for holiday gift giving! This class is a great opportunity to start a new project with the new year, use one of those beautiful charm packs, and sharpen up your quilting skills. This quilt has both 9-patch blocks and square within a square blocks which we will work on the first week. The second week we will address top construction and review correct border measuring and attachment.

A quick, easy gift bag for any occasion! Machine in good working order with guide book, 45 mm Rotary Cutter, cutting mat and ruler, general sewing supplies: Foot Fun Join us for a presser foot demonstration using the many feet manufactured by leading sewing machine companies. This demo will be done on a Bernina but is not just for Bernina owners. Heirloom Techniques by Machine This class is designed for the novice or beginner heirloom sewing enthusiast.

Basic French sewing techniques will be covered. Loaner machines are available for class use; please notify when registering for class. One 7 hour session: Hearts, circles, diamonds, scallops and tied lace bows will soon become a consideration for every heirloom project you sew! In the afternoon we put your new found skills to work as you complete a lace shaped adornment on a linen lingerie bag. Heirloom Techniques by Machine or prior heirloom experience. Good working knowledge of your machine.

Bring a bag lunch. Loaner machines available for use in class please notify us at time of registration. Heirloom Celtic Table Runner Gorgeous table linens are so much fun to make and ever so lovely to use! This masterpiece table runner hosts a combination of ecru lace and white linen incorporating heirloom techniques, machine embroidery, and Celtic lace shaping.

The hem is v-shaped and held in place with wing needle machine entredeaux. A lovely addition to any home! Heirloom Techniques and Lace Shaping Classes or prior heirloom experience. Embroidery machine capabilities are suggested but not required.

Three 3 hour classes: There is no better way to show off your new found talents than to create an heirloom child's dress. This garment is all white, with lace, beading, ribbon, lace shaping and a little hand embroidery. Join us for a few Friday nights this summer as we build upon the basics of heirloom machine work and create a vision of beauty for generations to come.

Students should have prior Heirloom Techniques by Machine class or experience A hands on class where you will learn how to use the serger to produce elegant exquisite heirloom stitching. Serger pintucks and gathering both lace and fabric will be an absolute breeze when you take your serger to the next level This is a Martha Pullen Exclusive class!

One 3 hour class: A center panel is composed of embroidered and eyelet insertions. Decorative serger pintucks border the center panel. Wide embroidered edging finishes the sleeve edges below a band of the eyelet insertion. The neck edge is finished with a mock piping technique using the serger rolled hem and a fabric binding.

The back neck closes with a button and loop. Heirloom Serger Techniques One 6 hour session: The heirloom pants make a beautiful companion with ribbon and lace to match. Completed entirely with easy serger techniques this ensemble will be an exquisite addition to your wardrobe or trousseau for a new bride!

Heirloom Sewing by Serger Three 4 hour session: Available upon Registration Instructor: It is stitched completely in the hoop of your embroidery machine. This pouch features pockets within the zippered area -- keep your sanitizer, cough drops, and other essentials in there. And the back side holds tissues! Indigo Sliced Quilt Need a quilt for the man in your life? This pattern utilizes high contrast neutrals and clever slicing of block and background to make this dynamic quilt.

Two 3 hour session: Modern Neutrals by Amy Ellis and fabrics for quilt Instructor: Intermediate Sewing You will be making a dress this time with different sleeve options, putting in an invisible zipper, etc.

You of course may use one of our shop machines just please reserve when registering. Previous sewing experience required. Four 3 hour sessions: Lisa Allen Supply List: Fabric for garment, Bent handle dressmaker shears scissors used to only cut fabric , general sewing supplies.

Learn to navigate the software and manipulate monograms, then save and write to your machine. Your laptop with Monogram Wizard Plus installed, instruction manual printed out. Intro to Rotary Cutting Demo The rotary cutter is a fabulous innovation which allows precision cutting in an efficient manner.

We will cover fabric preparation, safety when cutting, techniques to insure precision cutting, efficient use of your ruler s , and cutting special shapes. Come learn the basics or expand your knowledge of your ruler s.

Did you miss summer camp but would still like to learn some basic machine sewing skills? Come have fun learning while you make a one-of-a-kind pillowcase. Machines will be provided. Straight pins and scissors if you have them. Kids Summer Sewing Camps Bring a bag lunch and spend the morning hours with Maureen as you construct fun projects and learning basic sewing skills.

Three different sessions with different projects are available: Monday - Friday 10a-2pm Instructor: June , Theme: July , Theme - Ready for a Sleepover Projects: August , Theme: Back to School Essentials Projects: Straight pins, water soluble fabric marker, measuring tape, seam gauge, scissors, etc.

Knit Leggings Don't feel comfortable sewing on knits? Sew knits with confidence by joining the leggings class and make cute knit leggings for a special little one.

A good beginner project but some previous sewing experience required. One 3 hour Class: Knit Maxi Skirt with Embellishment Eyeing all those maxi skirts worn by others or in the shop windows? Create your own using this simple technique. We'll measure, cut, stitch and embellish.

Classroom machines are available for class use; please notify when registering for class. I enjoyed every bit of making this quilt and was very pleasantly surprised to have triangle points where they should be, have the blocks line up correctly, and have the sashing work so smoothly. Think you will really enjoy making this quilt and will be thrilled with how clever you feel afterwards. As you lay out your quilt, you will see other possible layouts and will be eager to make others using this fun ruler and technique.

Two 3 hour classes: Sit and sew with Deb's watchful eye and supervision. Enjoy seeing other's ideas and be ready for helpful hints, techniques and demo's of additional tools to fuel your creativity. Growing Up Modern book Fabrics for your quilt: During this hands-on course you will discover the many techniques involved in surface appliqué.

Sewing Machine, guide book and accessories, open toe embroidery foot Scissors and general sewing supplies Instructor: Machine Quilting Come learn the basics of machine quilting. We will cover how to make the quilt "sandwich", basting options, marking options, important considerations when machine quilting, walking feet flexibility and start you on free motion quilting. You must be knowledgeable about your machine, how to thread it, make bobbins, switch feet, and be able to adjust: Loaner machines available upon request.

Sally Halliday Supplies Needed: We will discuss how to decide how to section a quilt design, and even how best to handle borders. So before you finish sewing that quilt top together, join me for a few hours and then rethink your quilting options and capabilities. No Measure Bargello To insure your success, designer Wendy Mathson has streamlined both cutting and placement in this extremely clever pattern.

Choose carefully to select enough gradation and enough cohesion to work in this quilt. Picture Smocking Create those precious little pictures on garments with the technique of stacking cables.

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The Best Dressed Child knows that nothing makes a baby girl's outfit quite as special as a little bit of sweet, sweet smocking. Our selection of baby smocked dresses includes short-sleeved, long-sleeved and sleeveless infant dresses done to perfection with smocked . Bonnie Baby Baby Girls Smocked Waist Dress and Panty. by Bonnie Baby. $ - $ $ 29 $ 46 00 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Some sizes/colors are Prime eligible. Product Features Short sleeved floral printed poplin dress with smocked waistband. Pin Dot Smocked Angel-Sleeve Dress - Infant, Toddler & Girls. Baby smoked dresses offer classic, traditional, and too-cute style. Your newborn will look darling in a timeless red, pink, yellow, baby blue or white smocked dress from our affordable assortment. Baby girl smocked dresses are fun, feminine and perfect for spring and summer months.