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However, they also included areas like Bexley, Havering and Sutton, which have low levels of unemployment.

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Gap Inc. (NYSE: GPS) has had to close many stores in the past, especially those of its flagship brand. The brand is in trouble again. As same-store sales fall, Gap faces the store count problem.
Friends & Family! Up to 25% Off Sitewide + 10 meals donated to FEED with every order. Valid 9//
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Jun 15,  · Gap announced Monday it will close a quarter of its stores and cut corporate jobs as it tries to chart the clothing brand back toward growth. The company will close stores across North America, not including outlets or factory stores, based on store performance.
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More than 3, stores are closing in Walgreens, Toys R Us, and Gap are among the many retailers expected to shutter hundreds of stores this year.

The gap in pay between men and women will take years to close, a campaign group has warned. Campaigners highlight 10 November as the point in when a woman on an average wage stops being paid relative to their male counterparts. But in some parts of the UK, the gender pay gap is so wide, it is as though women work unpaid from September.

If the mean average pay gap for full time workers of Map built with Carto. Can't see the map? Ms Hayes, chief executive of charity the Women's Resource Centre, said: For example, for full time workers. Taking into account all workers, both full and part time, the median average gap has risen slightly from In out of local authority areas, men in full time jobs earn more on average than women, but the gap varies from place to place.

However, it is not a simple case of the gap being highest in the areas with the most lucrative jobs. That is equivalent to women not being paid from 4 September. Roger Smith from the Office for National Statistics said women tend to earn more in areas with a higher rate of people working in the public sector while the age of the workforce also played a part. The Fawcett Society said when higher earning jobs, more commonly held by men, are given more weight the average would mean effectively women stopped being paid from 10 November.

Jemima Olchawski, of the society, said: Women still make up the vast majority of carers. So we need to see more support for fathers to take time out to be with their children or care for relatives.

Linda Wong, a solicitor with law firm Leigh Day, said: The firm has been representing 17, former and current employees of Asda and 1, Sainsbury's workers in claims for equal pay.

The building was fully enclosed, the storefronts faced in, and large anchor stores were placed at separate ends to attract customers and promote foot traffic to the smaller shops in between. In the middle was a European-style central court with sculptures, an open-air café and an aviary. Their construction was helped along by the Interstate Highway System and enormous commercial investments aided by changing tax laws. Because where else would you go in suburban California in ? Indeed, legal cases throughout the decade tested the argument that malls should not be seen as private spaces because so much public life happened there.

That same year, the Mall of America opened its doors in Bloomington, Minn. All told, 1, malls were built in the U. The decline began slowly, in the mids. Some of the great mall die-off is what economists refer to as a market correction. There is an estimated 26 sq. Our digital lives are frictionless and ruthlessly efficient, with retail and romance available at a click. Malls were designed for leisure, abundance, ambling. You parked and planned to spend some time.

Today, much of that time has been given over to busier lives and second jobs and apps that let you swipe right instead of haunt the food court. There are still about 1, malls in the U. Other analysts predict the number will be even higher.

Some ailing malls have already moved on to a second life. Austin Community College in Texas purchased Highland Mall in and converted part of it into a tech-driven learning lab and library. Not all malls are failing, of course, and the ones that are thriving tend to share certain characteristics. Others have found success by updating what the best malls have always done: The Grove in Los Angeles has a mini main street and trolley running down its center, meant to evoke an urban boulevard, and hosts a summer concert series.

It also turns out that not everyone wants to spend their leisure time inside. Easton Town Center outside of Columbus, Ohio, for example, includes shops spread across a mix of enclosed mall and an open-air, car-free street grid. The development has become a magnet for millennials who are leaving downtowns for the suburbs but still want to live in a dense, walkable community.

Still, some physical store closings are not a sign of troubled times, but rather the sacrifices necessary to achieve greater profitability. In an effort to reduce expenses, Penney has been steadily closing underperforming stores at the beginning of each year: In May, the Plano, Texas-based retailer, which has currently more than 1, locations nationwide, also announced cost-cutting measures like cutting payroll and eliminating overtime hours for employees.

This mall anchor—known to many by the titular Thanksgiving Day parade that passes through Herald Square in New York—has been consistently shutting down stores over the past year. In April, Sears Holdings—which owns both Sears and Kmart—announced that it would close 68 Kmarts and 10 Sears locations that were not turning a profit.

All the stores are expected to be closed by the end of July. American Eagle Outfitters, which rose to prominence as the outfitter of suburban teenagers, announced in that it would close of its approximately 1, stores over the subsequent three years.

Perhaps the efforts are paying off: Share prices of the clothier have remained relatively steady since the beginning of the year, while the stock of other apparel sellers has floundered.

American Eagle also said this year that it would roll out a mobile-friendly version of its website, following in the footsteps of retailers like Walmart that are trying to make the online shopping experience more consumer-friendly.

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Sep 06,  · While it sheds dozens of Gap and Banana Republic locations, the company will open roughly new Old Navy and Athleta stores. Gap Inc. forecasts that Old Navy sales will surpass $10 billion, and Athleta will top $1 billion in the next few years. Jun 16,  · Gap announced on Monday that it planned to close one-fourth of its stores in North America over the next few years, potentially affecting thousands of jobs, as the brand struggles to turn around a business mired in a long sales slump. Sep 06,  · Gap, the parent company of all of those brands, said Wednesday that it plans to close about "underperforming" Gap and Banana Republic locations. There are currently about 2, Gap and Banana Republic stores worldwide, according to public filings, so the closures would likely impact about 10% of them.